November 16, 2015 Meeting

Good afternoon fellow Rotarians.  Rotary will meet Monday Nov 16th at the Doubletree at 1:00 p.m.  Board Meeting will be at 12 Noon.

On the Agenda:

Barry Richardson (member) will be speaking on NEED.

If you miss our Meeting, you can tune in to WHIG TV Fridays at 5 pm to watch the replay of the previous Monday’s meeting.

Remember to check out our website at and like us on Facebook.

Check out our “Tackle the Tar” Web Site at and like us on Facebook. This is cheap advertising.

Watch this YOU TUBE Video about “Tackle The Tar”. Very informative.

Don’t Forget that we will still be collecting Money for our Waiters so that they know that we appreciate them. We will give it to them this Monday during our Meeting.

Salvation Bell ringing schedule: Need Volunteers

1 hr increments

Dec 1st: 6pm to 8pm

Dec 2nd: 6pm to 8pm

Dec 7th: 6pm to 8pm

Dec 8th: 6pm to 8pm

Dec 11th: 6pm to 8pm

A signup Sheet will be available at Mondays Meeting.

It is important that our members know that we care for them and wish them well. But sometimes sickness happens with our members and/or their family.

In order to follow-up on absent Members, I would like to propose 2 procedures:

  1. Each Sponsor of a member contact the absent member and report on the status of that member the next mtg.
  2. Begin a buddy system that can report on absent members. This is mainly to keep track of members that might be sick. We all want to know the status of members who are ill or have family issues that prevent them from attending our meeting.

Jaycee Food drive: During our last Meeting Ken who is with the Jaycees mention that they were having a Food Drive. So let’s help them. Please bring at least 2 Cans of Food at Mondays Meeting. Drop it off at the sign in desk. I will see that the Jaycees receive the Food. Just because it was not our Idea doesn’t mean we can’t help and get a little recognition at the same time.

Well, I probably lost some of you after The Salvation Army Bell Ringing Schedule but if I didn’t, HAVE a BLESS DAY.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Richard Sykes

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