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Rotary the apporval for a Matching Grant for Agape Village Orphanage

In May 2013, Dave Iery, President of the Rocky Mount Rotary Club, announced the approval of a $35,527 Rotary Foundation grant to Agape Village Foundation, an orphanage located in Zambia, in southern Africa.

The Zambian people are incredibly beautiful in spirit but are for the most part very poor. Therefore, caring for the multitudes of children orphaned by AIDS and other diseases prevalent in the country is a tremendous daily struggle for each child. In 2010 it was estimated that Zambia, with a population of 12 million people, had 1.2 million orphans.

The twenty two orphans of Agape currently plant, cultivate, harvest and process corn for food by hand. This grant will provide a tractor and cultivators, a hammer mill and a water storage tank for the orphanage. This will allow cultivation of up to 50 acres of corn providing income and additional food. The orphanage will accommodate up to 96 orphans when adequate food is available. The anticipated excess of corn should help sustain the food supply in the future. No medical supplies are available so the grant includes extensive medical supplies for the children.

For more info about the Agape Village Foundation, visit

The Rocky Mount Rotary Club is the International Partner for the project. The Rotary Club of Kabwe, Zambia District 9210 will be the Host Partner for the project. Kabwe Rotary President Hastings Mwase will oversee the project.  Pictures from the Kabwe Rotary Club’s visit to the Agape Village can be viewed on the Kabwe Rotary Club Facebook page.

Agape Village was co-founded by Jackie and Mickey Bailey of Rocky Mount who plan to be present in June for the dedication ceremonies. For additional information on the Agape Village Foundation please visit

President Dave Iery reminded all Rotarians that the funds for this humanitarian project come from the contributions of all Rotarians in District 7720 to The Rotary Foundation.

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More picture are available at the Agape Village Foundation website.

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