Club History



PART I – 1923 – 1954
Compiled by 
I. D. Thorp Written by Bugs Barringer

The Rocky Mount Rotary Club had its organiszation meeting in the private dining room of the Bland Cafe on April 26, 1923. The club
was sponsored by the Wilson Rotary Club.

One of our projects for that first year was entering into a
cooperative to try to exterminate the boll weevil, which has just
arrived on the scene in alarming proportions.

In 1927 the club bought a Boy Scout Camp at Medoc Mountain. In 1938 the Rotary Club built a cabin for the Boy Scouts on the eastern bank of Tar river. Shortly thereafter they built a cabin for the Girl Scouts called the “Little House” in Edgemont.

We formed a Student Loan Fund, helping worthy boys and girls in securing an education when otherwise it might have been denied them.

During the Depression circumstances were so critically financially, that for some months we tried having our meetings without meals, bringing a picnic lunch, or going out on picnics during the summer. This did not prove very satisfactory since one of the best ways to get a Rotarian to attend meetings is to feed them.

We entered into the program of beautifying the City Lake; which was once only a swamp on the western edge of our City.

During the Depression many young children in our city schools who were not properly fed breakfast and were doing well in school.
Rotary created the “Milk Fund” to furnish free milk and other items
of small food to hundreds of children.

The Enfield Club and the Tarboro Club were organized through the efforts of the Rocky Mount Rotary Club.

During World II, Jimmy Grantham, one of our Rotarians, was killed in action in the European campaign. An Educational Trust Fund for his daughter, Miss Joan Grantham, was established.

Rotary – provided financial support for the Exchange Student program that brings foreign students to this country to study and sends American students abroad.

PART II 1954 – 1977 Compiled by
Sam Hayworth Written by Bob Shields

The club purchased an electric cart for Jim Ezzell, a local
handicapped young man, to help him go to college. Jim is now an
outstanding lawyer in our community and in 1977 was elected a Representative in the North Carolina State Legislature

In the mid ’5O’s the Club began the practice of inviting each week two student guests a boy and a girl, from Rocky Mount Senior High School to attend the weekly meetings. A Rotary Scholarship to be given annually to a deserving Rocky Mount High School Senior was started in 1956.

During the Rocky Mount Centennial celebration in 1967 many of our
members participated in the events that occurred during the
week-long happening. The club prepared a float for the parade and paid for considerable advertising for some of the events. Our club agreed to sell hot dogs, drinks, and candy apples on the street
during the parade. The plan was that these items would be good
lunch-time favorites. As it turned out, the parade was over long
before lunch time, and Rotarians were hawking their wares for any
price they could get. It is rumored that there was a good supply of hot dogs in some Rotarians’ freezers five years later.

The Christmas Auction has proved to be a good way to raise funds for worthy causes and projects. The first auction in 1954.

The Rotary International Group Study Exchange Program has been supported by our club. In 1970 we hosted six Australians for several days. Again in 1973 another exchange group came from Northern England and spent several days here.

Rotarian Ernest Beal, a former president, was honored on his 80th birthday in 1974 with a special program in which many of his friends expressed their admiration and respect for him.

In 2013 we celebrated the 100th birthday of Rotarian George Hooks who has been a Rotarian for 69 years and counting.

The Rotary Foundation – Club
Recognition Summary

  • 86 Paul Harris Fellows – 1st PHF Paul Peel Mar 84
  • 13 Benefactors ($1k in will or Life Insurance)
  • 5 Bequest Society ($10K in will or Life Insurance)
  • 2 Major Donors ($10K cash contributions)
  • Charter Members – 7 of 16 became Club Presidents
  • Current Club has 16 past Presidents, 1 Past DG96, and 1 DG-Elect
  • 1st Women Member Mary Wells 1987, 1st Women President Mary
  • Wells 02-03
  • 2nd Women President Brenda Shaw 08-09, and DG-Elect 13-14
  • 3rd Women President Krista Ikirt 13-14


President/Secretary History
Year President Secretary
1923 Robert Burns Davis Isaac D. Thorp
1923-1924 Robert Burns Davis Isaac D. Thorp
1924-1925 Willard Conger Isaac D. Thorp
1925-1926 Joseph L. Suiter Isaac D. Thorp
1926-1927 Ira W. Rose Isaac D. Thorp
1927-1928 Byrd Charles Willis Isaac D. Thorp
1928-1929 Henry W. Kendall Isaac D. Thorp
1929-1930 Richard S. Conyers Isaac D. Thorp
1930-1931 Clarence A. Griffin Isaac D. Thorp
1931-1932 John R. Bennett Thomas J. Pearsall
1932-1933 I. Woodall Rose Thomas J. Pearsall
1933-1934 Isaac D. Thorp Thomas J. Pearsall
1934-1935 A. L. Brandon Thomas J. Pearsall
1935-1936 L.B. Aycock W. B. Kinlaw
1936-1937 Charles C. Harris Arthur Bone
1937-1938 Chas C. Harris/CW Bailey Arthur Bone
1938-1939 George A Burton Melvin H. Warner
1939-1940 Joe B. Brewer W.H. Skeels
1940-1941 Adam Thorp W.H. Skeels
1941-1942 Hal S. Orr W.H. Skeels
1942-1943 William W. Shaw/H.H. Strandberg W.H. Skeels
1943-1944 J.R. Thomas W.H. Skeels
1944-1945 Alex P. Thorpe, Jr. W.H. Skeels
1945-1946 J. W. E. Joyner W.H. Skeels
1946-1947 Sam S. Toler, Jr. W.M. Daughtridge Jr
1947-1948 Julian M. Aldridge W.M. Daughtridge Jr
1948-1949 Tom S. Newbold W.M. Daughtridge Jr
1949-1950 J. Graham Hammond W.M. Daughtridge Jr
1950-1951 William R. Coleman W.P. Greathouse
1951-1952 W. Avera Wynne W.P. Greathouse
1952-1953 Norman Gold Josh. W. Munden
1953-1954 Frank E. Butler Josh W. Munden
1954-1955 M.S. Hayworth Alfred L. Stancil
1955-1956 R. Graham Dozier Alfred L. stencil
1956-1957 Henry C. Harris Lawrence O. Vickers
1957-1958 J. Vernon Boatner Harold Tuttle
1958-1959 D. Worth Joyner Harold Tuttle
1959-1960 Mel Warner Elmus W. Pegram, Jr. 
1960-1961 Josh W. Munden Elmus W. Pegram, Jr. 
1961-1962 Ted Williamson Elmus W. Pegram, Jr. 
1962-1963 Don H. Cole Elmus W. Pegram, Jr. 
1963-1964 Harold Minges Elmus W. Pegram, Jr. 
1964-1965 Alfred L. Stancil Elmus W. Pegram, Jr. 
1965-1966 W.M. Daughtridge Jr Orville Williams
1966-1967 Joseph Nelson Paul B. Cone
1967-1968 J.L. Parker Paul B. Cone
1968-1969 Charles C. Harris Jr. Paul B. Cone
1969-1970 Vince J. Columbo Paul B. Cone
1970-1971 C.R. Shields Gary Phillips
1971-1972 G. Ernest Beal Gary Phillips
1972-1973 Leo Yelverton Gary Phillips
1973-1974 William Shrago Leslie A. Shaw
1974-1975 Roger Bone Leslie A. Shaw
1975-1976 Dozier P. Hudson Leslie A. Shaw
1976-1977 Bryant Aldridge Leslie A. Shaw
1977-1978 Paul Warren Leslie A. Shaw
1978-1979 Augustus H. Tulloss Leslie A. Shaw
1979-1980 Robert Ward Sutton George L. Sims
1980-1981 S. Bruce Petteway John W. Aycock
1981-1982 David A. Parker F. Earl Beaudry, Jr.
1982-1983 William B. Floyd F. Earl Beaudry, Jr.
1983-1984 Paul H. Peel F. Earl Beaudry, Jr. 
1984-1985 Joe Gurganus
1985-1986 Ed Jolley Jr
1986-1987 David Ellis
1987-1988 Wayne Trull
1988-1989 Fred Turnage
1989-1990 Skip Carney
1990-1991 Bill Buchannon
1991-1992 Harold Winstead
1992-1993 Jack Harris
1993-1994 Skip Sprye
1994-1995 Ken Hollis
1995-1996 Mike Hilton
1996-1997 Den Dickerson
1997-1998 Harold Colston
1998-1999 Bob Manning
1999-2000 Dee Whitley
2000-2001 Charlie Rose
2001-2002 Carl O. Smith
2002-2003 Mary Wells
2003-2004 Steve Raper
2004-2005 Marvin Vick
2005-2006 C. Ray Brinn
2006-2007 George Norris
2007-2008 George Ramey
2008-2009 Brenda Shaw
2009-2010 Carl O. Smith Clarence (Sonny) Foster
2010-2011 Frank Maynard  Krista J. Ikirt
2011-2012 Clarence( Sonny) Foster Krista J. Ikirt
2012-2013 Dave Iery Richard Sykes
2013-2014 Krista J. Ikirt Richard Sykes

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